Within the framework of the 25th Anniversary of the FCCP, the MERCOSUR relaunches its Social Summit.

During the Argentine Pro Tempore Presidency 2023’s first meeting, by joint decision of all MERCOSUR States Parties, the Political Consultation and Coordination Forum agreed to resume the organization of the MERCOSUR Social Summit, incorporating it into its Work Program. The decision reaffirms the centrality of the participation of organizations and social movements in the POLITICAL MERCOSUR to deepen the integration process and expand the rights guaranteed to all the citizens of MERCOSUR.

The Social Summit will take place on June 1, 2023, in virtual format so that the largest number of organizations and social movements interested in POLITICAL MERCOSUR issues can participate, including those that already actively participate in other MERCOSUR forums. This call includes the organized community based in all States Parties, Associated States and those in the process of Accession.

On March 31 the MERCOSUR Secretariat inaugurated the new Registry of Social Organizations and Movements, https://www.mercosur.int/temas/asuntos-sociales/, and it is working on the process of migrating pre-existing registries. Those interested to be called to participate in the current edition of the Social Summit, must pre-register in the previous link before May 20, 2023.

The Social Summit will take place throughout Thursday, June 1, and will include plenary sessions and parallel panels that will allow a broad and inclusive debate. This meeting will provide an opportunity for the participants to consider issues related to the POLITICAL MERCOSUR’s agenda and its thematic Forums, suggest actions and priority areas, and resume dialogue to strengthen social participation as an essential component of regional integration.

Credits: PPTA FCCP