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*The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is suspended in all the rights and obligations inherent to its status as a State Party of MERCOSUR, in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of the Article 5 of the Protocol of Ushuaia.
**The Plurinational State of Bolivia is in the process of accession.

The funding States Parties of MERCOSUR and signatories of the Treaty of Asuncion are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Given that the Treaty of Asuncion is open to new additions of other States Parties of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), Venezuela* was established as the first Latin American State to adhere to the constitutive treaty in 2006 and more recently, Bolivia in 2015.

The Protocol of Accession of Bolivia to MERCOSUR was signed by all of the States Parties in 2015 and is currently in the process of being incorporated by the congresses of the States Parties.

Entry of new member States

Requirements: to be part of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) and to comply with the process of accession as foreseen in the MERCOSUR internal regulations.

The main steps are:

While the accession protocol is not in effect, the acceding State can only exercise the right to speak at MERCOSUR forums and at meetings held by decision-making bodies.

Aspects included in the negotiation: adhesion to the Treaty of Asunción (TA), Protocol of Ouro Preto (POP) and the Protocol of Olivos (PO); adoption of the Common External Tariff (AEC) and definition of the convergence schedule for its application; adherence to the Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE) No. 18 and additional protocols; adoption of the normative acquis of MERCOSUR; adoption of international instruments concluded under the framework of the TA; incorporation to agreements concluded with third countries or groups of countries, and participation in ongoing external negotiations.