The meeting of the Labor Ministers of MERCOSUR began in 1991 the path to consolidate the Socio-Labor Dimension of MERCOSUR. This included a series of activities promoted by the so-called MERCOSUR Socio-Labor Bodies (OSL), the exchange of ideas to generate documents aimed at a socio-labor policy of the bloc and the crowning, in 1998, with the signing of the MERCOSUR Socio-Labor Declaration (revised in 2015).

This instrument, signed by the presidents of the States Parties, adopts principles and rights in the area of work.

In addition to the MERCOSUR Socio-Labor Declaration (DSL), the OSL developed and launched the Multilateral Agreement on Social Security of the Southern Common Market and Administrative Regulations (1997), the Regional Strategy for Employment Growth (2006) and created the MERCOSUR Labor Market Observatory (2008).

Finally, it is worth mentioning the five regional plans, which are the result of collaborative work between the different administrations of the countries and the permanent participation of social actors in their execution.

Norms and principles of the MERCOSUR Socio-Labor Declaration:

  1. Definitions
  2. Decent job
  3. Sustainable enterprises
  4. Non-discrimination
  5. Equal opportunities and treatment between women and men
  6. Equal opportunities and treatment for disabled workers
  7. Migrants and border workers
  8. Elimination of forced or compulsory labor
  9. Prevention and eradication of child labor and protection for young workers
  10. Rights of employers

Download Social and Labour Declaration of MERCOSUR.

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